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Press Release  to  Editorial Board

Evans Tells Biden – VA Medical Center in Crisis Condition

( Letter  to Follow )

Dear Mr. Vice President Biden:

Glenda the baby gorilla at the Los Angeles Zoo is getting better care than the veterans at the VA Wadsworth Medical Center-Westwood.  

Every part of the Medical Center appears to be in crisis!

40% Cutbacks can not and will not enhance the quality of care we expect from one of the finest medical service providers in the world.

The President can not lead with Sound Bites.  There is No Excuse or anyone else to blame.

Thank You.



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It is time to bring our troops home!

Vice President Biden             
Congresswoman Karen Bass

Senator Boxer                        
Congresswoman Janice Hahn

Senator Feinstein 
Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Dear Friends:

Roughly 40% of all homeless veterans are African American or Hispanic, despite only accounting for 10.4% and 3.4% of the U.S. veteran population, respectively. 

The Department of  Veterans Affairs (VA) states that the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male, with roughly 8% being female. The majority are single; live in urban areas; and suffer from mental illness, alcohol and/or substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders. About 13% of the adult homeless population are veterans.

Mr. Biden, you and the President can not claim a Successful Administration,  with over a Million Americans being Homeless.  I thank you for your service and urge you to develop a Emergency Public Policy Package to respond to this National Disgrace.  250,000 American Veterans are waiting for Your Leadership  Mr. Biden.

Dear  Neighbor:

Mervin Evans, a Veteran listening to and looking out for our Military, our Veterans, and their Families. Making California  America’s Most Veteran Friendly State is my first goal.    America is engage in 2 foolish wars.  California has a special responsibility to support our active duty military service members, reservists, National Guard members and DOD civilian employees, the over 2,087,000 military veterans, and the families of our service members and veterans all of whom call the Golden State their home.   Over  8% of  US Veterans live in California.   I support our veterans, and do so with a passion. Serving as your Trustee  will be the greatest honor in my life and I will dedicate myself to making California and America a better place.


1.)   I oppose Assisted Suicide !                         

 2.)   End  The  Homeless Vet Crisis !

 3.)   Stop All 1-B-Visa Programs           

 4.)   Vet Education &Vet Job Training !

 5.)   100% - Suicide Prevention Management   

 6.)   Fully Fund All VA Medical Service Centers

 7.)   Reduce the Age for VET Housing        

 8.)    Enhance Services for the Disable-Vet

 9.)   Step Up Home Ownership Packages for Grade      Loans B & C & D Credit Scores

 10.)  Greater Funding for Veteran’s Small  Business

Thank You,

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